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“StarPath has been a marvelous addition to the treatment of my prostate cancer patients. The localization data within the core has been invaluable.”

Gary Onik, MD

Director of The Center For High Risk & Recurrent Prostate Cancer

Nearly 50 years of pathology experience

Pathologist-Co-founders Drs. Hillel Kahane and Todd Randolph bring 48 years of combined experience in biopsy interpretation. Their ultimate goal is to provide clinicians with easy access to their world-class expertise through StarPath’s digital pathology portal. In addition to the wise judgement of StarPath’s experienced team, the practice is a global leader in the safe application of artificial intelligence (AI), to improve the care provided to each of their patients.

The Technology

StarPath employs a truly end-to-end digital solution to simplify each patient’s cancer journey.  Simplifying the process improves the quality and accuracy of each diagnosis.  Simplifying the workflow makes life better for the clinic, and improvers the pathologist’s accuracy.  StarPath utilizes new biopsy collection systems and digital workflow from LUMEA to ensure that every patient receives the best care.

StarPath’s tissue handling methods:

  • Increase the amount of tissue available for evaluation*
  • Improve the quality of DNA for molecular testing
  • Allows for precise digital visualization and diagnostic accuracy

StarPath’s digital workflow software:

  • Enables clinics to conditionally order molecular tests
  • World-leading biopsy report turnaround time
  • Real-time clinic to sign-out specimen-tracking
  • Provides visual maps of exact cancer location (core and gland)

How Digital Pathology Can Help Your Practice


Urology groups using the BxBoard™ have seen up to 18% more tissue on each slide, also leading to increased cancer detection rates.*


The incorporation of AI algorithms into the workflow and sign-out of cases increases cancer detection rates by pointing out small areas of clinically significant tissue to the pathologist.**

Digital Pathology Solutions

The BxLink™ ordering and result’s system enables improved management and processing of add-on molecular test orders which results in time savings for clinic staff and improves overall clinic efficiency.

Our Team




Dr. Randolph lives near Park City, Utah, and is board certified in anatomic pathology and cytopathology with over 20 years of experience, working within and managing laboratories for some of the most well-recognized hospital systems and commercial labs in the United States. He is also experienced in clinical research and the validation of new diagnostic medical technologies. He has years of experience bridging the gap between clinical lab applications and the achievement of commercial objectives.




Dr. Kahane lives on Long Island, New York, and is a board-certified urologic pathologist, with over 28 years of experience. He has diagnosed well over 1,000,000 prostate needle core biopsies, for over 6,000 urologists and radiation oncologists nationwide in two of the largest prostate biopsy laboratories in the United States. Dr. Kahane has the unique distinction of having worked with and published with both Jonathan I. Epstein, M.D. and David G. Bostwick, M.D.


*Murugan P, Shukla D, Morocho J, Smith D, Sciacca D, Pickard M, Wahlsten M, Gunderson A, Konety B, Khalifa MA, Warlick C. Prostate Biopsy Processing: An Innovative Model for Reducing Cost, Decreasing Test Time, and Improving Diagnostic Material, American Journal of Clinical Pathology, Volume 152, Issue 6, December 2019, Pages 757-756

**Wojno K, Al-Jundi R, Mazurco A, Hamzawy HA. Mp 16-19 BxChip™ Clinical tissue array increases cancer detection rate & amount of tissue available for pathologist review.  The Journal of Urology. 2016; 195(4). doi:10.1016/j.juro.2016.02.2584

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